Media Relations

Let’s catch the media’s eye

We craft your stories and messages

The foundation on which we build is always a good solid strategy. In order to create something good, media relations are vital. We have invested in good relationships with editors, writers, stylists, bloggers and other influencers for over a decade. We leverage those relationships every day for the best benefit of our clients.

Knowing the media is just the start. Together with you we will identify your core targetgroups and align them with relevant media. Since you know your clients, it makes sense that they should be reading about your brand too. If you want to reach new costumers, we’ll work with you to develop that approach as well.

What can we do for you?

We craft your stories and messages. The right story is crucial, but knowing when to tell it is just as important. Each medium has its own themes and timelines and knowing these deadlines and opportunities maximizes our ability to drive your editorial coverage.

So many ways to tell a story…

Once we have the story to tell, we connect it to a relevant selection of media. We know who is interested in what subject. This way whenever The Image Factory sends out a message it will be met with great interest. Since our press releases are often relevant and contain well written content we have excellent succes rates. This way The Image Factory gets PR and hands you the results.

We gained a great amount of media attention for The Jostiband

Let us help to tell your story!