Influencer Relations

Choosing the right influencers

Don’t follow the crowd, let the crowd follow you

In todays world the right people can take your brand to the next level. Influencers such as bloggers, vloggers and social media influencers come in all shapes and sizes. They are specialists in their own field and have great influence on their audiences. We help you to tell your story through the influencers that suit your brand or message best. We develop creative influencer marketing strategies to effectively spread out your brand’s story.

Affiliated Marketing

Part of a good strategy is finding the right influencer. This is not always the one that has the most likes or followers. Sometimes a smaller specialist can be much more effective. Once we have found the right person for your brand we make sure they truly engage as good as possible. A smart affiliate program can help to do the trick. Our affiliate programs contain mixtures of content, cashback, voucher codes, loyalty, community and technology affiliates. Each tailor made, fitting our premium brands.

Celebrity seeding

Celebrities have made their way into our living rooms, the supermarket, our Twitter and Facebook pages, influencing everything from the clothes we wear, the products we buy to how we decorate our homes. We shop based on their choices, working to make our lives just a little bit more glamorous. The celebrities we target will complement your brand and your consumer.

Insert Your Product into a celebrities life

At the Image Factory we are in close contact with celebrities who are open to promote a brand or a message. One of the most effective ways to gain media exposure is to place your project into a celebrities work or life. This is known as celebrity seeding or Celebrity Product Placement. Celebrity seeding will help you to achieve coverage in the media at a fraction of the cost of advertising or paid A-list endorsements.

Use a famous blogger


Celebrities can generate a buzz, but it’s just one piece of the strategy. To increase your brand’s appeal, we also target third party influencers, whether they are makeup artists, fashion- hairstylists or health lovers. The experts we choose will complement your brand and your consumer.

The right combination

Facebook, Blogs, Vlogs, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, the list keeps growing. Social media is of vital importance to your brand. A solid social media strategy is essential. We build strategic social media plans and create social media campaigns for your brand. We write content and place feeds for your social media. By online monitoring we keep track of what is being said about your brand and how we can benefit from that.

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