Events: fun and effective!

We guarantee a memorable experience

The Image Factory has great experience with events. Whether a press-related event has to be set up from scratch, or the client wants to participate in an existing event, the Image Factory will gladly arrange it for you. As a client, you will always be informed whenever there is a happening that should involve your brand. Events can be large or small. It can vary from a small pinpointed desk visit to a large consumer event with hundreds of people. From the welcoming glass of champagne, to the goodie bag on the way out, The Image Factory guarantees a memorable experience.

Desk visits

This means meeting editors on their turf, whether it’s the lobby, a coffeeshop or their desk. It’s cost-effective with the emphasis on effective. These fifteen to twenty minute face-to-face meetings get the editors’ undivided attention focused on your product. Whenever we have visited we have been remembered.

Special Locations

Next to our beautiful office in the heart of Rotterdam we are always scouting for the perfect location to match your brand and message. We will find you the best location and if needed we will transform i tinto the perfect place for your product launch or presentation. We will create te best possible circumstances for the editors to experience your brand in its best possible way.

Blogger/ Press Events

Next to a good location it is important to really offer something special. We help you to find creative new ways to attract the attention and interest of relevant press contacts and bloggers. We will find the perfect angle and approach and the right message to tell. We can also find the right person to tell it. This can be a celebrity an expert or someone that just has the right tone of voice.

Consumer events

If you’re looking to engage consumer audiences, it is always nice to do something special for them as well, We can organize special presentations or product demonstrations but also something fun as a beauty or lifestyle fair can be a great way to communicate.

The above is just a sampling of what we offer. Tailored to your objectives, events can range from the simple to the extravagant.

Types of events we do

  • Interviews
  • Press events
  • Press trips

  • Product launches
  • Presentations
  • Fashion shows

  • Beauty + lifestyle fairs
  • Blogger events
  • Photo shoots

To give you an impression of what we can do for you, check out these events:

Luxury Lunch – Press event

The Harbour Club Fair

Wanna do an amazing branding event?