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If you want  to know more about what the impact of influencing can be, if you are interested in creating a brand that stands out: Just check out the cases below. See for yourself what The Image Factory can accomplish.

Client: Ipse de Bruggen – Jostiband

What ‘s this organization about?

It is a non-profit organization working for and with mentally and multi-handicapped people. One of their famous projects is The Jostiband Orchestra. Which is the largest band of people with intellectual disabilities in the world.

What did we do?

The Image Factory has worked on several projects for Ipse de Bruggen but the biggest and most special one was the 50th anniversary of The Jostiband. The musicians had a dream: they wanted to give a concert at one of the biggest concert halls in the Netherlands. They asked The Image Factory to realise as much publicity as possible. So that’s what we gave them! Result: a sold out Ziggo Dome. It generated a free publicity value of 8,6 million and counting! [Check the statistics here]

Client: Laurent Decreton

Who is Laurent Decreton?

Laurant is a long time client of The Image Factory. As L’Oréal Hairstyling Ambassador and Artistic Director at Haute Coiffure Française, Laurent Decreton has styled hair (more than 25 years) for top models and also took part in haute couture fashion shows (Chanel, Yves Saint-Laurent, Jean-Paul Gaultier).

What did we do to create his world wide success?

We take care of styling and designing the right look and feel of his collections. We organize the shoots and produce the promo videos. Afterwards we do the publicity for it. Here you can see an impression for the spring summer 2017 collection “Jade”.

Client: Fashion Label Patrick Love

Who isPrince Julio Cesar?

On a global scale Prince Julio Cesar comes to establish himself as a famous fashionista and fashion designer. Prince has gained a private clientele, and international celebrities that has been working with him over the years.

What was our role?

With the fashion label Patrick Love we did the branding & PR for Gulio. The Image Factory invented the whole concept and image created for the designer Gulio: The videos making off and we have launched the campaign with supermodel Linda Evangelista.

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