The team

The team

Our dedicated team will create a buzz that will get the attention that’s needed for you or your brand. Because:

Your success is our success


Barbera is working on the day-to-day initiatives for each and every one of our client campaigns, including media outreach, social media, and special event services. She has ample warm media relationships, a resourcefulness to always find new PR techniques, and a genuine knack for finding a story and helping to tell it.


General Director + Founder

Astrid is our online centipede. During her studies in Media, Information and Communication, she specialized herself in the world of social media. She will be happy to advise you with social media strategies.


Social media consultant

My name is Elyse Mulder, PR advisor at The Image Factory. I have clients in beauty and fashion. I see them as my own brands. Every day is a different day. That’s why I love my job. I have a passion for fashion, beauty, music and to work on marketing challenges. Bring it on!


PR Consultant Beauty + Fashion

Talking to people and overcome challenges is what she does best. She is our counterpart for questions and requests. She' s responsible for planning publicity strategies and campaigns for clients in the DACH countries. She has lots of experience in doing international business.


Consultant International PR

I am Danielle, an-overly-enthusiastic PR lady at The Image Factory!


PR Consultant

Ground pricipals

At the factory we live by our ground principals, which are:

  • The Image Factory is a lifestyle; we do not subscribe to a 9 to 5 mentality
  • The importance of personalized attention is what we understand and appreciate
  • Our team is 100% committed and focussed from the concept phase until the earned results
  • We have a nose for opportunities for your brand and will approach them proactively
  • Quality versus quantity is what we believe in. That’ is why we can seek out the right media outlets that are relevant to your story
  • You will benefit from our worldwide network, professionalism, out of the box way of thinking, tailor made marketing strategies
  • You will always get personal attention from a super enthusiastic and dedicated team
  • At The Image Factory we become part of our client’s team

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